Dabi -

Dabi is a stoic, aloof, confident, and focused individual who rarely shows emotion. While rather crude and violent, he is actually very intelligent and cautious.
Today, we're going to see 7 Facts About Blueflame, alias, the Man who burns everything in his path. 🔥

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Katsuki Bakugo -

On the first ideologies of the manga of our famous author of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi imagined our protagonist, Kacchan, as being kind and gentle. When he insulted others, it was always unintentional.The original draft was thought to be a little too boring, Here are 10 unique and relevant facts about our Explosive Hero!

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Izuku Midoriya -

Izuku is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime. Moreover, though He was born Quirkless and because of this, he had a hard childhood, his personality will shift upside down next meeting All Might, his favorite Hero. Izuku will become All Might’s disciple, a student of U.A - and the ninth user of the One for all Quirk!

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League of Villains -

The villains in My Hero Academia are some of the most wicked and brutal around. Admittedly that’s probably one of the reasons we love this show so much. The series does a fantastic job of throwing all sorts of antagonists at our main characters, in this article, we'll try to keep details to a minimum when possible. -

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Boku No Hero Academia -

Izuku Midoriya has managed to captivate audiences for over 3 years, with many people — myself included, beginning the show as a young child and seeing its conclusion as an adult.

To put it into numbers, My Hero Academia has been one of my favorite shows for the last few years..

This is just a testament to the popularity of the anime. But why is it so popular? With that said : Here is a list of 11 life lessons from the different Heroes


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