10 Facts About Izuku Midoriya

Izuku is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime. Moreover, though He was born Quirkless and because of this, he had a hard childhood, his personality will shift upside down next meeting All Might, his favorite hero. Izuku will become All Might’s disciple, a student of U.A – and the ninth user of the One for all Quirk! 

1 – Midoriya Izuku’s name contains the kanji for “green”, “valley”, “coming out/being from a certain place” and “long ago”.

2 – “Deku” (lit. “one who can’t achieve/do anything”) is another reading of his name Midoriya Izuku.
Midoriya Izuku’s nickname, “Deku”, was given to him by Katsuki when they were little as an insult.
Later, Ochako finds the nickname inspiring because “Deku” gives off a feeling of “I can do it”.

3 – It can also be a reference to the Deku race from The Legend of Zelda franchise, who are seen as weak by many but can hit pretty hard when they first attack.

4 – Midoriya Izuku ranked 7th during the Entrance Exam and last for the Quirk Apprehension Test.

5 – Midoriya Izuku is student no.18 in Class 1-A.

6 – Midoriya Izuku’s rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:-
Midoriya Izuku ranked 1st in the First Popularity Poll, which made him the most popular character in the series.
Midoriya Izuku ranked 2nd in the Second Popularity Poll.

7 – Midoriya Izuku’s favorite food is Katsudon.

Izuku Midoriya Birthday
8 – Midoriya Izuku shares his birthday with Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, another Weekly Shōnen Jump series.

Deku One Shot
9 – Midoriya Izuku was first planned as an adult, as seen in the My Hero’s one shot

Deku Rank
10 – Midoriya Izuku ranks 4th in Class 1-A’s Grades.

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