10 Facts About Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco Uraraka is one of the main protagonists of My Hero Academia, she’s a short girl but with a very slender and feminine build. She’s famous for her iconic hair, with two long clumps of hair cover both sides of her face and small bangs that cover half of her forehead. She’s become a staple character for the show and is somewhat of a character that was made to contrast characters like Shoto and Katsuki’s darker storylines to a more bright, yet relevant and realistic character arc for a female character and contemporary capitalism depiction through her family.

10 – Her Humble Origin :

Ochaco Uraraka

She came from a humble family, unlike Shoto Todoroki, Ochaco’s parents were extremely proud and supportive of her life choices and efforts, she gets along very well with her loving and caring parents. They are however a lower-middle-class family, barely putting together enough money to put food on the table while doing something called construction work. Some art in the manga suggested that her family does not use an air conditioner in the heat of the summers.

9 – Ochaco Was going to Be Mt. Lady:

Mount Lady

In the early concept designs of her character, Ochaco Uraraka was going to be a Yu Takeyama, a girl that can increase herself in size and grow huge through the use of her quirk. The changes in the development process ended up with her character becoming what it is today, and the concept for Yu Takeyama becoming Mount Lady, one of the first Pro-Heroes that we see in the manga and show.

8 – Her Motivation For Becoming A Pro-Hero :

Ochaco Uraraka Parents

Her main motivation, aside from helping people and keeping the peace in the world, is to become the breadwinner for her family. Pro-Heroes get paid a healthy amount for their services and she wishes to become one so that she can support her family through thick and thin as much as she can for as long as she can.

7 – Competitive :

Ochaco Fights

Her competitive nature is something that only comes out when the stakes are high. She might be behind some of her classmates when it comes to dueling but her wits are something that gives her quite an edge against most of her combatants. Her courage and willpower were displayed quite well in her fight against Bakugo where she pushed him to almost his limit.

6 – Jealousy of Uravity :

Ochaco Uraraka Jealous

Ochacho is a teenager like most of the people that she interacts within My Hero Academia, the series has plenty of high school quirky moments going around and Ochaco is no exception to those. She gets quite jealous whenever someone gets closer with Izuku Midoria than she is. She gets super weird whenever she has to share Izuku’s attention with anyone else, that’s just how she is.

5 – Ochacho’s Favorite Thing :

Ochaco Uraraka Wallpaper

Ochaco is just as much of a girl as any other girl, and on top of that she’s a teenager, and being a teenager, they’re all very dramatic. Hence her favorite thing is the starry sky at night. Yeap, she loves staring at the stars and admiring the astral beauty of them all. She is very much a nature lover.

4 – Training with Gun Head :

My Hero Academia Gatling

It is said that she received her early melee training at the hands of the famous pro-hero Gun Head (Gatling). Ochaco took this training to strengthen her skills at melee combat as it was one of her weakest spots. She was a great student and this training turned her into a brand new kind of hero, one with adept hand-to-hand combat skills. This is what allowed her to nearly escape death at the hands of the deadly Himiko Toga.

3 – Her Crush :

Deku x Ochaco Uraraka

It’s very much known in the MHA community that Uraraka has a solid crush on Izuku Midoriya, for now, Deku has not seemed to show a return of the feelings for Ochaco but it’s going to happen quite possibly, there’s a huge chance that it does at least that’s for certain! Especially since Ochaco has gotten much more developed as a character and seems to be less shy and more confident in what she wants.

2 – Hero Name:

Ochaco Uraraka Hero Costume

Her Hero name “Uravity” is a mixture of her last name and her quirk, the manipulation of gravity. Her hero name is equal parts terrifying and her real name stands for “beautiful day” which contrasts her hero name in being a more wholesome name that very much compliments her personality.

1 – She still uses a Flip-Phone:

Ochaco Uraraka Phone

Ochaco still uses a flip-phone while all of her classmates use a smartphone, that is because of her family’s economic situation, she is quite understanding of them and doesn’t bother them as much for cooler gadgets, she’s just humble and kind enough to get whatever she has gotten from them, and appreciates them very much.

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