Boku No Hero Academia: All Might VS All For One

What a fight!! What a beautiful fight!! We can’t get over it, right? 😀 That fight was the one we were all waiting for… And we had to wait that long to see it. But it was actually really pretty worthy.
I am pretty sure that most of you agree about the final fight as the best part out, All Might grabbing the ball of power known as One for All from his master’s hand, Nana Shimura, enlightening the fire within him to fight back. That second battle between Peace and Evil left all of us speechless. First of all, the shock waves that destroyed the city were well done. Both of the two characters exploding everything using their power and their Quirk, absolutely fantastic! Now, we are all wondering what will happen next… What can we expect for the next battle? I mean, are they planning a third battle between these two genuine antagonists? Here are a few we need to know about our opponents and about that big battle we all saw during the last season ( episode 48-49 ). For those who haven’t seen it yet, go watch this preview of the fight by clicking here… I promise, it is pretty awesome, you won’t be disappointed

What we need to know about All Might:

Toshinori Yagi

Toshinori Yagi, actually known as All Might got all the potential to defeat All for One. Actually, he already defeated the true leader and benefactor of the League of Villains, the primary antagonist of the Hideout Raid Arc and the central antagonist of the series, along with Tomura Shigaraki. once, during the first battle. Nevertheless, our hero has to learn how to deal with his weaknesses. All might have all the standards of the classic superheroes, everything society expects from a role model. Even though his qualities helped him against All for one, he still got the common problems of all heroes: people are always expecting more from them, waiting for them to be perfect, seeing them as gods. And yet we know what it coasted last time we forgot that all heroes are not invincible. Remember, Toshinori Yagi has half of his respiratory organs were destroyed due to the fight against Toxic Chainsaw
Since Nana Shimura’s death, The hero of the peace planned to save the earth from the villain’s league and defeat All for One.
What if this scar had consequences on all might’s on the next battle? This could kill him if he doesn’t stay careful. This is why he had to surpass himself in each battle to get stronger.
This time, All might knew how to deal with his weaknesses. He got support from people and other heroes, and especially for Deku, his apprentice.
Everyone in the city including the journalists is encouraging All might. That is all they can do in order to help in the fight by giving him a ton of cheers, they all are powerless at this point but they still have faith in our hero.

What about All for One:

All for One

All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan ) is actually everything we love about a villain. He is smart, calm, confident, and classy with overpower quirk. He is the big villain and for sure the favorite one of many Boku no Hero Academia passionate. However, some of his weaknesses could be great weapons against himself. We can remain his lack of patience during some situations.
But remember, All for One created the League of Villains. That is why he is the big boss. Even though All for one remains evil, his ability to anticipate things makes him a very wise one. For example, All for one protects Tomura so he can escape from All might. His kindness and parental attitude regarding his young disciple, Tomura, shows how great he is. That character is just perfect as a villain! He still thinks about the future. Not like all villains, It seems so impossible to defeat this one. But too feeling too much confidence may be the reason why he got defeated temporarily talking. But he still got plans on his mind; nothing could escape from his eyes. His sense of observation and anticipation keep his enemy in touch. Maybe we could expect others stuff from the next season.

Tomura shigaraki all for one

You’ve failed again, Tomura. But you mustn’t lose heart. There will be more chances to set things right. That’s why I’ve brought along your little band. And the boy… because you determined that he is an important pawn. So go and try again. That’s what I’m here to help you to do. It’s all for you.

The ultimate fight:

All for One VS All Might Fight

In fact, it is the only fight: Peace against evil, two opposite symbols…Remaining that last fight against the two opponents, the reporters in the helicopters keep filming all the scenes. But the journalist looked so shocked by all the energies of both opponents.
The fight destroyed most of the city. First, All for one set All might through all these buildings using his air canon All For One uses Springlike Limbs, Kinetic Booster x4, and Strength Enhancer x3. Then All might also appear under his muscled form to defeat the villain. All that power created a very intense fight, So emotional! Both of them use their powers at their highest level so they could win the fight. Destroying the city may not be planned but it was inevitable. None of these poor blocks was prepared for that big fight. There was no better place for us. Watching these buildings getting destroyed was just the proof of All Might and All for one power. 
All the shockwaves in this fight made the episode so epic. The ultimate fight between All Might and All for one is not a simple fight. It is two opponents that have opposite purposes, they are fighting for their beliefs and for those who stand with them… those who have got their back from the beginning. In this beautiful scene, we can see all team (villains and students of the U.A Academia) standing up, supporting their heroes, their mentors. The one confident and cold-hearted All for One against the biggest hero in the city, the loved one, All might.
All might lost their superpowers to win the battle, because of this fight, All Might has greatly reduced the time it takes to transform. That made that fight very special. None of us was expecting that. Then All for One has been arrested!! It feels like this s the end… But we know this is not the case.

What about All Might’s scar?

All Might Scar

Big time!! All Might won the fight!! The peace is supposed to reign among the city now that the great villain lost. But what about Toshinori Yagi who lost his power?
Now that even if All might won, he lost his power, what will happen next? How could our hero stand against villains and fight for peace and justice? I’m pretty sure they will find a way to bring our hero back to his greatest state. I hope our hero would finally learn to deal with his problems. Maybe it’s time to start over. Maybe Izuku Midoriya will finally become the next hero… I know he has no quirk but All might saw his potential, he saw how special he is. Maybe it is time for the young hero to rise. We can’t ignore Deku’s potential. 
And what would happen if All might got sick because of the scar he got from the past?? Moreover, what if other villains know about his weakness? We can think about that terrible situation. All Might need support and help, more than ever, Heroes have to show up to fight the Villains. Our characters have to be prepared in order to fight the darkness within the city. All for One may be defeated. But his disciples are still out there, preparing something. All Might can’t fight alone this time. Deku has to get prepared more than ever. None of these two is allowed to make mistakes at this point.
All for one has been defeated twice but he is smart enough and calms to elaborate some evil plan to destroy All might and all academia. I know he is planning something. He already used All might’s weaknesses against him and kill his teacher. He could repeat the same thing. Don’t forget this evil mastermind is also the most powerful villain. But maybe this time, we would have other opponents. 

Nana Shimura

We also have to think about his potential death. Yeah!! What could happen if All might die because of his scar? Who could defeat him?? Remember none of these villains seems to have a heart. They are cold-hearted murderers. Maybe they would plan something to kill All Might and get All for One back. The most important thing now is to know if Deku will use his full potential on the next season. I hope so!! That would be so great!! Seeing a new superhero rising from the darkness… The fourth season should be the best moment to discover Deku’s strength. But… then what could All For One could be preparing for the next season. Who would get to fight and to lead the League of Villains?? Is his successor ready?? What are the next aims?? We are all waiting for the next season to see how it would be without All Might’s powers… We Know That All might couldn’t be powerful all the time… we will finally see how the main character will deal with the actual situation!! I just can’t wait to see this!!! Honestly!!

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