My Hero Academia 11 Incredible Facts About Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida is one of the protagonists in My Hero Academia. He has a soft side as well as a hard side for his enemies and is linked to the prestigious Iida family.

1. Tenya Iida’s Eyes Color

Tenya Iida Brother

Only those who are avid manga and anime fans can spot this difference as the character of Tenya from anime is slightly different from Tenya of manga in terms of appearance. The eye color of Tenya Iida in anime is blue whereas Tenya from manga has red and imposing eyes.

2. Seriousness of Ingenium

Tenya Iida is one of the few heroes who has a unique stat in Ultra Analysis. Although he looks calm, he is quite a serious person who tends to take most things seriously which earned him the stat: Seriousness. He has an S grade in seriousness because of his cautious and serious nature.

3. Hero Name: Ingenium

Tenya Iida Ingenium

Tenya’s hero name is Ingenium which was the hero name of his older brother. He inherited the name from Tensei when he was brutally injured. Tensei Ingenium is one of the engines that are used in the automobile industry making it a perfect name for someone like Tenya due to the fact that his quirk is also named engine.

4. Iida Family

Tenya Iida Family

Tenya is a part of the Iida family which consists of his grandparents, parents, and his elder brother, Tensei Iida. The family is known for being heroic and most of the members have similar speed-type quirk granting them extremely fast speed. Tenya is proud of his background because the family is famous and extremely wealthy.

5. Tenya Iida Kanji

Many heroes have a special meaning behind their names and Tenya is no exception here. There are various meanings of Tenya Iida (kanji). Ten refers to heaven while ya can be used as new. I mean cooked rice and da refers to the rice field. Moreover, Iida is a common last name in Japan.

6. Intelligence as a Hero

When it comes to intellect, Tenya is a star who outclasses even the characters such as Midoriya who is the main protagonist of the anime. He calculates his enemy actions as shown in his fight against Todoroki giving him an upper hand in situations where a similar approach is needed. His intelligence is graded ‘B’ in Ultra Archive.

7. His Skills as a future Pro-Hero

Tenya is the class 1-A’s representative/president who knows how to cope with students and groups because of his leadership skills. Similarly, one of his best skills is the motivational speeches that he gives when someone is feeling low and needs a motivation boost. This sets him apart from students like Bakugo who don’t care much about others.

8. Ingenium is Underrated

Tenya Iida vs Shoto Todoroki

Many people underestimate the power of Tenya and they are wrong just because he has a speed-based quirk. Tenya has above-average intelligence along with a powerful quirk that gives him inhuman speed making him really powerful. Because of these qualities, he nearly bested Todoroki who can control 2 elements.

9. Education Matters

Tenya Iida Room

Unlike the other students, Tenya loves studies and is keen to learn new things whether they are related to heroics or not. Also, he is shown more disciplined than his classmates refraining from doing disreputable or bad things. This is the power of education!

10. Appearance of Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida Student

The Tenya we currently know was not supposed to look like this. There are early sketches of Tenya which depict an adult-like appearance and look similar to Aizawa Shota, the main teacher of class 1-A within U.A High School, without a scarf.

11. Tenya Iida Best Quotes

“Wanting to do it and being suitable for it are different issues.”
“Why would you do that to Midoriya’s scrotum?!”
“How is having a goal to support your livelihood not admirable?”

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