Deku Vs. Muscular

Deku vs Muscular was one of the most beautiful fight scenes we could ever witness. Episodes like this come barely once in a while. In my opinion, That battle is one of the greatest scenes in all anime history. Glad you enjoyed it. ?Deku, the main character of My Hero Academia. Is the one who started with no Quirk, Quirkless, nothing special that could make him become a hero.

The main character, the successor of All Might ?, showed us again his worth. Deku is meant to become the next symbol of Peace. We all agree about that. Deku had to fight against Muscular at the summer camp in order to protect the young Kota. He was ready to give his life to save a boy who didn’t even like him. What can I say is no matter how many times you watch this battle… it really hits you in the feels, every time. ?

Deku’s potential

Deku real power

I know Deku said he used a million percent of his abilities. But at this point, we all hope it was not Deku full power!! Maybe they should have found something better to explain how Izuku gets all of himself involved in the battle. Now Deku’s abilities are questioned. Other discussions are also about the actual fight. We all expect it was not really one million percent.?

I personally think these words were just proof of what our hero is really able to do in order to protect people. Deku will be so much great. He is meant to achieve so much more! That’s means, our Hero is still not at his best part!! Don’t worry, his time will come!! That scene was just proof but it also shows us that All Might was right about Deku’s potential.?

The way he says “It’s Fine” is just true heroism and we just love it. ?

Izuku: the rise of a hero

Merci Jacky et Romain

Deku’s arm has been literally destroyed during that fight but he is still standing up. Deku is just the coolest, greatest, and most inspirational… hero. He is so alone but was ready to die in order to save one person. Of course people may think Deku became a true superhero at this part still this part of the manga. But it is not that true: Izuku Midoriya already has the characteristics to be a pro hero before this fight. As we can remain, he saved Lida Tenya from the assassin’s killer, Hero killer stain.☄️

I am sure people may not notice about this moment. For some reason, fandom doesn’t talk a lot about that battle?. Maybe people are too much focused on the fact that Midoriya was beyond his limits after the fight. But we saw a different side of him; it was comparable to All Might vs All for One. As you remember, the overpowers Hero, All Might gave up on everything he got so he could get enough time for everyone to get safe. Izuku Midoriya also risked his life to save this one kid who he knew was going through a rude time. We agree that in this moment Midorya truly showed himself as a pro Hero. At this point, without his license yet, we just wish he got a little more praise for that moment. Even though Deku’s arms went against what every fan was waiting for. We all want him to stop injuring himself.

Izuku Midoriya vs Muscular fight

You just have to admit it. Deku is the coolest of all heroes because he risked everything to save someone who actually hated him. No matter the damage he took on himself, Deku always raised up to any challenge. That is what real heroes are capable of!! As All Might said, a real hero can always find a way for justice to be served!!?

What an intensive scene…

Image result for muscular vs izuku gif

Of course, we all got hyped!! Seeing Izuku Midoriya win was just so satisfying. I mean, it really gets your teeth clenching until he finally appeared as the great winner. Even though you already read the manga and knew what was gonna happen, you surely forgot all had read. I knew he will win but I really thought Deku was about to die for a second. That scene was just so amazing!! Thinking about that fight just gives me chill!!

Watching Deku giving everything in order to defeat muscular had us in tears. That scene is just the reason why we love anime that much. Everything is just so different and genuine, nothing is disappointing. You feel really close to the Heroes. It feels like you are living everything our hero is going through.

We all get panicked until Deku got to catch Muscular’s arm. These characters are simply amazing and awesome. I am sure everyone got the same reaction when Deku was about to die. We can’t also ignore when Deku apologized to his mother and All Might because he was ready to die. Such a powerful moment too!! It made us feel our pulse racing by thousand miles every time we watch this emotional scene. We all knew they would end up fighting, but no one ever expected Izuku to keep going so much and the absolute emotion this radiated.

We also love the voice actor from the Japanese animation behind Deku’s voice which is just tear-jerking. We can feel the actor’s emotion behind that voice. The guy behind Deku knows how to make us feel the pain and frustration… We also got through a lot of tears hearing Deku saying “I will not let him past me” It is the best line out of the entire show for sure.?

And Deku’s smile when he thought he would lose the fight and just die. All might said smile when you’re scared so that people see you as a symbol of peace. And that just happened! ?

And when Deku got his power up with his determination to keep Kota safe Muscular’s v.a legit sounded like he was in a panic. Like his last-ditch effort was failing horribly

Some of us can relate to Deku’s situation. We all have been through a moment when we felt we may die or be in danger.? That moment when the fighting spirit is almost depleted. You think of your home, you think about people who depend on you, all the people that count on you. Then you feel that second wind getting into you to help you win the battle!! We all have already felt the hero’s feeling, both frustration, and pain as well as the satisfaction of taking down an overwhelming power and force. This scene is just so us in a special moment of our life. People don’t realize how much pain is in 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash! ?

This fight is art

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