My Hero Academia Heroes (and Kohei Horikoshi) 20 Unpublished Facts

My Hero Academia or Boku No Hero Academia in its original version is a Manga created and designed by Kohei Horikoshi, his first publication dates from July 7, 2014, and currently counts 23 tomes released in America. The work was also adapted into anime in April 2016 by Studio Bones and has 3 seasons released to date, and a 4th announced for October 2019, in addition, My Hero Academia also has a spin-off called Vigilante which tells a story in parallel with the main plot, written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and supervised by Kohei Horikoshi himself. It was first published on August 20, 2016, there are new characters but also characters from the original work, so I really recommend it if you are a fan of My Hero Academia.

my hero academia vigilanteMy hero academia vigilante tome 2

2- About Kohei Horikoshi

Author Kohei Horikoshi before the beginning of My Hero Academia had two series published in the Weekly Shonen JumpŌmagadoki Dōbutsuen and Barrage, but these two works were both arrested very quickly, following these failures, our main author of the Hero universe fell into depression since he was constantly trying to find out what people like to really launch his Mangaka career, but he finally decided to do what he loves and it is where My Hero Academia was born.

Omagadoki DobtsuenBarrage

3- The History of Boku No Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is actually not that young, since the author published a One-shoot in Akamaru Jump in 2008 entitled “My Hero” the story is quite similar because we find a character named Jack Midoriya with a character design very close to that of Izuku, he lives in a superhero world and has no power, some dozens of characters such as Snipe have even been kept the only difference is that Izuku Midoriya is a young adult employee in a superhero equipment company and he uses these equipment to become a hero like Batman!

My Hero

4- The Meaning of U.A

In France, people wonder why we write the term U.A, unlike << Yuei >> in the French version, the term Yuei is simply simplified so that French speakers pronounce it correctly in English and do not have U.A (in French phonetics). Moreover, if you haven’t noticed, the white stripes on the school’s sports outfit form the letters U and A of U.A
5-The name U.A. is not due to coincidence, it comes from the opposite of the syllables of the word << Hero >> which is pronounced U.A in Japanese!

U.A Clothes

6- Reference of MHA’s Work

The author Kohei Horikoshi is a big fan of comics, especially Spiderman, during his time at the Comic con de San Diego for the promotion of his manga he was able to take the opportunity to buy a real size carnage bus to complete his large collection of figures.
And some of his illustrations are even largely inspired by comic book illustrations, such as Volume 9, which pays tribute to this illustration from the December 2007 issue of the ultimate Spiderman.

My hero academia shop

7- The Origin of All Might

Even if comics are a great source of inspiration for Kohei Horikoshi, All Might’s inspiration does not come from Superman, Dragon Ball is also a great source of inspiration for Kohei Horikoshi, he loved drawing and imagining Dragon Ball characters when he was younger, and when asked if All Might was inspired by someone you meet in his life, he answered that no, All Might is inspired by Goku.

My hero academia dbz

8- Easter Eggs

You would have understood, the author is a big fan of popular culture, so he had some fun to put easter eggs in his manga. Still in reference to comics we find superheroes like spiderman or superman in a page at the very beginning of Manga. Or Jurota Shishida from the second B which is directly inspired by the Fauna in the Xmens, we also have references to video games like Megaman or Mario, but the Work or Kohei Horikoshi gives the most reference is Star Wars. Indeed, All-for-One is largely inspired by Darth Vader and Gran Torino by Master Yoda, but that’s not all, the beach where Izuku was trained by All Might is called the Dagoba Municipal Beach Park which obviously refers to the planet Dagoba where Yoda trains Luc Skywalker, on the other hand, the denying Author was inspired by Zuco de Avatar for the character of Shoto, although they have much similarity, he claims that they are only coincidences.

Dagobah Municipal Beach Park

9- A Successful Manga

Kohei Horikoshi’s part prefers to draw are hands, for him, it is the most expressive part of the body since hands allow to diffuse a whole bunch of feelings without having to use facial expressions, that’s why he seems so fascinated by hands through his Avatar or the character of the villains’ league, Tomura Shigoraki.

Tomura Shigaraki

10- Excessive Workload

Kohei Horikoshi tells in one of his interviews during the Jump Festa 2017 how he organized a typical week before the publication of the chapter in the Weekly Shonen Jump, he explains that he spends a lot of time on the storyboard and that he sometimes even spent more than 6 days leaving only one day for the final drawing of the boards. This is why some chapters may not be finished in time for the publication of the Weekly Shonen Jump.

Kohei Work

11- Origin of The Quirks

During an interview, he was asked how he has so much inspiration for the Alters of the characters, he then explained that he never spent hours on it, he sometimes creates a character’s design and finds him an altar, and sometimes he finds an alter and writes a chara design that goes with it, and the idea often comes to him by chance. For example, Gran Torino was created when Kohei Horikoshi took a shower, and I quote: “I found his alter when I took a shower, I looked at the showerhead and I thought: “Oh, it would be cool something coming out of those feet; like having a propeller coming out of his feet” That’s how I got the inspiration for his alter, and it’s the case for many other characters like Mineta or the inspiration came to him when looking at grapes!

Origin of quirks

12- A Phenomenal Amount of Work

If the anime My Hero Academia adapted by the animation studio Bones is so good and rarely disappointing, it is because it has much more drawing than a normal anime! Where a normal anime counts between 4000 to 5000 drawings for a single episode, My Hero Academia is between 7500 and 8000, the Author even told during an interview for the Weekly Shonen Jump that he shed tears after seeing the episode of Shoto’s fight against Izuku in season 2 in which the quality of the animation was excellent!

Shoto vs Deku

13- What Kohei Horikoshi Likes

Kohei Horikoshi declared that the costume he preferred was Katsuki’s and that the Alter he would most like to have was Shoto’s ice side, because he hates being hot and that it would allow him to always have air conditioning to regulate the temperature!

Kacchan hero costume

14- What He Would Have Liked

When asked which Hero of other fictions would be the best teacher for U.A. he answered: Captain America, because he embodies all the values of the Hero and would help students follow the right path to become good heroes.

Captain America

15- U.A Class

Although the U.A. High School is a very special high school, it also teaches Japanese, math, science and foreign languages in addition to superhero classes, in addition, the students’ schedules are very busy since the schedules are 8:40a.m – 3:10p.m! Please note that there are also classes on Saturdays!

16-Kohei Horikoshi is a very shy and embarrassed person when he comes to conventions, which is why he wears a mask.


17-While out of inspirations

Innovating in terms of character designs and superpowers is sometimes complicated both to character binding, so it happens that sometimes the Author organizes a character creation contest to find inspiration. The winner of the contest then has his character introduced into BNHA. This is the case with Centipede and Bubble Girl, Sir Nighteye’s assistant, both of whom were created by fans.

Bubble girl

18- What has changed

The first drafts of the Author show characters completely different from their final characters, this is the case of Tenya Lida, who was supposed to be a 27-year-old professional Hero at the base and Mt. Lady who was supposed to be a student of the second A. Tomura Shigaraki was to have a similar role to Stain because he was an outlaw vigilante who killed people with an Alter too dangerous for the society, but the main changes were for Izuku and Katsuki, the latter was called Gogo Katsuki and had a calm and peaceful character that contrasted completely with the one he is in the Manga, Horikoshi decide to change his character since he found him too boring and to opt for something more <<<explosive>>.

Izuku’s name was Akitani Mikumo Aka and his character design was not really representative of his personality. The author wanted to detach himself from the character of Deku he had created during his one-shot a few years earlier, but he was annoyed by his haircut and decided to cut it off and eventually return to a character design closer to the one he had created for his One-shoot.

Katsuki Bakugou

19-Power of All Might

In terms of characteristics, All Might surpasses all the other characters, since he excels in all fields with a rank S, which he does not have any weak points, as a comparison, Endeavor, Shoto Todoroki’s father and the number 2 hero, has only A in power, speed and technique, B in intelligence, and D in team spirit, this underlines the gap between All Might and Endeavor, All Might is indeed a living legend of this world since no one individual has ever had such an excessive power!

Endeavor HD

20- Origins of names

Most of the names and first names of the characters are related to their physical characteristics or alters, so Izuku Midoriya is written with the Kenji Midori ( 青あ) which means green, Shota Aizawa is written with Kenji Shaw ( 相澤消太) which means to erase or Danki Kiminari which is written with Kanjis of electricity and lightning, following which Kohei Horikoshi declared that he had a true talent for word games.

I let you have fun finding out what words the names of the other characters come from if you don’t know it yet, and we’ll find ourselves very quickly for other interesting items, you can also take a look at our MHA online store and share this article if you like it! See you soon Hero, and don’t forget, Go Beyond…….?

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