My Hero Academia Season 4: What can we expect for autumn 2019?

Season 3 has ever left us speechless. So much power, so much emotion, scenes are also well done…My Hero Academia will continue in a fourth season this year. The event was announced a few months ago, while fandom is still speechless after watching the last episodes of season three. This international phenomenon gets more and more popular all around the world. Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced it: season four won’t be released until October 2019. More than a year guys!! I guess that some of you may be upset by that announcement…  All of us have to wait more than a year in order to see our favorite heroes again. And it will not be released for next spring but in autumn… Unlike the seasons released before!!! Sure, that sucks… but think about it… Good things always take time… that is why previous seasons were so intense and so amazing! Until the big moment arrives, here are some questions you might ask about that next season… What will happen to our hero, Deku? Who will be the next big villain? Will they introduce new characters? Season three gave us some indices about that! ?

There are still a few months left until our lovely heroes will be back in the street. Now Deku will be seen at the second hero agency. Great, don’t you think? ?

Do we have indices about what will happen the next season?

will my hero academia get a season 4

Well… A first poster has been released. It is a great way to stoke fans’ passions and to increase pressure, isn’t it? ? For now, we can see a poster showing Midoriya, our great superhero running along next to another great character: Mirio Togata. This is the first appearance of the character in the series and this teasing seems to indicate that it will not be part of the set. Also, we can read  “I will be your hero”. It is in Japanese. That not may indicate what would come next, after Midoriya gets his license. This fourth season, our hero will discover new things now that he has left the reassuring premises of the school.

Moreover, TOHO Animation has just unveiled the first teaser for the Jump Festa. The second semester has finally started, and some 1st-year students are preparing to apply for an internship. Midoriya tries to land in the office of Sir Nighteye, who is the former sidekick of All Might. Meanwhile, an investigation led by Sir Nighteye leads to the hunt for a former Yakuza member and a mysterious girl… We all have questions about that girl.

And villain departments, like All Might’s former sidekick, Nighteye, and a new foe, Overhaul (who’s in full form in season four’s brief teaser from Jump Festa). Season four is very much still a part of the larger “Rise of the Villains” saga and that short teaser indicates that Shigaraki and the villains league will continue to gain power and out-maneuver the heroes. Two great teams of opponents. It is a track for the fights that are to come in October.

Who are those new characters?

The Big Three Bnha

New characters? Maybe not that new… As you may have noticed (or maybe not), some of them already got their first appearance during the previous season, villains and heroes.

As you may already know, season four of My Hero Academia will have a new storyline. It will be focused on The Eight Precepts of Death. We will meet the young, hot, mysterious Eri, and Chisaki, the baron of Mafia.

For those who feel a little bit lost about the storyline, the Eight Precepts is a group affiliated with the Yakuza. The organization was founded and is led by Kai Chisaki. They are meant to be the main antagonists of the Arc Stage. Season 4 will be the adaptation of the arc Overhaul. The big fans will have their favorite part of the tomes on TV nearly ? It is sure it will send heavy!!!

We are all waiting for a very intense and excellent arc. This is supposed to be the darkest season. I know most of you can’t just wait to see Mirio, Amajiki, Kirishima, Izuku, overhaul, and everyone in action!! Those who already enjoyed the character of Mirio in the manga could not wait to see his future reactions in the Overhaul arc.

Now let’s talk back a little about the villains. Chisaki is expected to be the next great big villain of this season. You may remember him, during his few appearances in the previous season. He appeared in season three, making some kind of negotiations with the league of villains. For sure, the scene was a big teaser of what will happen next season. What kind of evil plans does he prepare against the heroes?? ?

Against that new evil character, three new young future heroes may rise next to Izuku. Yep, The Big Three will have their place in the fourth season. They were also have been introduced during the end of season 3 but their appearance was confirmed during the teaser of the fourth season.

The Big three or Biggusuri is a group of three students: Mirio TogataNejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki. This trio is composed of the best student of Yueï high school. Furthermore, they are the best candidates for the title of superhero in Japan. These three people are such powerful… Hopefully, they will have big plans for them. ?

Why does it take more time to be released?

My Hero Academia Toho Animation

As you know, My Hero Academia is not just some random manga. There is great big work behind every little detail of that anime. So don’t be upset about the release date because a bunch of people is now working hard to give you the best season of the Shonen, the best anime of the year!! And “My Hero Academia: two heroes” was released last January… if you haven’t seen it yet, just go watch it now. ?‍?

Why should we watch the fourth season?

Easy! We love it! ? We finally have heroes we can really rely on. People agree on it: My Hero Academia is just the best anime of the last decades. It is worth it, you can’t say you hate it because it is not possible to hate!! I am sure we will not be disappointed at all: graphicsvoicesfights… every part of My Hero Academia is meant to be a masterpiece. Previous seasons were already great but that one is so full of promises. Blood sweat and tears?: that is what we can expect for the new 25 episodes to come!! 25 beautiful episodes with emotions, deep feelings, genuine scenes. You will just love it!! And the voices… Yes, the original voices are just incredible. The artists behind every character’s voice seem to feel all the pain, happiness, sadness of their character. That is what I like the most about My Hero Academia. This is the most genuine part of it.?

Wait… And what about all Might?

All Might Season 4

So, is All Might going to die? I hope not so… but his last fight left some damages. The Symbol of Peace won the last fight against All For One. But he also lost his power in order to win it. Maybe it is the reason why new characters are arising? Or maybe he will just disappear for while… Maybe it is time for Deku to step up as the superhero he is meant to become ?. Maybe the amazing trio of the Big Three is also introduced so All Might can leave!!

We are also interested in what will become the league of villains now that All For One has been arrested ?. What will happen to Tomura? Do they have plans? Or maybe the villains are already led by Chisaki. Will All For One be back this Autumn? Because he is the best, classy villain. We can’t deny it ?. None of our villains here are evil and lovely at the same time.?

We all hope Chisaki and Eri would be better. So much darkness and mystery behind these two characters.

One question left: are you ready for the darkest and the best story line of the entire manga?

my hero academia villains

I personally just can’t wait…? Our heroes got so much to give. So many stories and characters are still not known. But I have to admit that the darker part of that stuff is what I am really waiting for. So many questions are not answered yet? What will our mysterious girl bring to the manga? How Izuku Midoriya ? will deal with this new step of his life as a future big hero? What are the real potentials of the Big 3? So many questions… If you can’t wait, go watch previous seasons. But don’t you worry; October 2019 is not that far, right? ?

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