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Mirio Togata Hero Costume

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Here is an impressive Mirio Togata cosplay, (also known by his hero name, Lemillion) His hero costume consists of a white, skin-tight shirt, the number "1,000,000" stamped in yellow on his chest with matching trimmings on his torso and shoulder-pads. Two green lines act as a belt around his waist. If All Might had not met Izuku Midoriya before,he would have been the most likely to become the No. 1 Hero to bore the title of the world's Symbol of Peace


  • Components: Sets (As shown)
  • Gender: Men/Female
  • Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach
  • Take your usual size of clothing, if it does not suit you, an exchange is available at our expense by contacting us.
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Please note that although the final product will be manufactured to be as close to the anime version of the costume as possible, there may be small disparities between the two. The final product you receive will match with the product photo that you see on the product page.